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We offer a simple & clear offer to take care of your Airbnb

Screen guests with the help of our team. They compare each enquiry to your screening checklist and ensure that the guests are a suitable match before approving any reservation.

Personalise the booking experience with White Labeling. Customise the way our receptionists interact with your guests and sign off correspondence. Choose how we impersonate the sender - as your friend, co-host or as yourself.


We take of the cleaning & laundry of your apartment.

We organise the cleaning of the apartment, guide your guests to local sights and ensure everything goes smoothly! Trust our team of professionals to answer your guests’ needs at any time of the day or night.

75€/ check-in for appartements under  45m2. More details in our FAQ.


We have been in the sharing economy business for many years and managed many properties with thousands of check-in, we are offering a complete solution, not just cleaning.


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More details about our service

We take care of your Airbnb for a single price per check-in. We take care of the guest communication, the cleaning of the apartment, the washing of the laundry and make sure the keys are available for the guest at the check-in time.

Guest communication / usual events – festivals price management 2 Premium set of sheets standard to novabnb / 2 towels standard to novabnb (150€ deposit when contract signing) Cleaning of the apartment up to 45m2 with 1 bed / up to 2 people Laundry for the bed sheets and towels Refilling of hand-soap and shampoo Disinfection of surface to be compatible with Airbnb COVID policies Setting up the key in lock box near apartment

By making laundry items standardised as well as many other matters with many other Airbnb we are able to cut down the cost of operations.

Insert all information of your property on the registration form and we should be ready to take care of your guests in 3 working days.

Please check per city information here.

Please check per city information here.

Waiting for the customer / the property need to have “easy” check-in options. Fixing issues that happen to the property (If we notice such, we will be in contact with the owner right away and decide on a way to adopt to remedy the issue). Cleaning properties where animals are authorised. Cleaning tools.

The property size is maximum 45m2 with 1 bed / up to 2 people Give us access to the Airbnb property as co-host / team to see the calendar The latest check-out time of the property should be 11:00 and check-in earliest at 16:00 No animals are allowed in those properties. The property must be in the coverage area of novabnb Parking possibility for the cleaner Easy check-in option where keys can be dropped. The schedule of arrivals should be available latest 15:00 the day before If your property is not fully compatible with these requirements, please contact and we can work together on finding a solution to get you started!

novabnb sends invoices on 1.

Please contact-us right away with detailed information so we can address and fix the issue or change the partner responsible for the cleaning.

Please contact-us so we can find a solution together to avoid the interruption of the service.

You can stop the contract anytime with a 30 days notice time.

You can contact us here.

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